About The Artist

Welcome to my website!

Bentlif Art Prize 2008 - Bentlif Art Gallery, Maidstone Museum, Kent
Painting "Mummy's home!" has been selected for the Bentlif Art Prize.
Dates of exhibition: Thurs 13th Nov 2008 - Sun 1st Feb 2009

I hope you enjoy browsing through my pages and looking at my Art work. I have briefly introduced myself and hope you will return again as an interested viewer.

A love of drawing began as a child but I didn't like to use colour at all, only bold black sketches. When I was eleven years old I visited the National Gallery and fell in love with a painting by Paul Delaroche (Lady Jane Grey), it was only then that I started to really experiment with colour after finally being able to give painting a go! I worked on pet portraits and still do but my love of Wildlife mixed with a real concern for the Earth, inevitably began my journey.

As an emerging Wildlife Artist, it is imperative that I should paint species that are on critical lists and help raise awareness through joining conservation projects. I like to use Oils as a medium and try to use my own photos when I can or research material for the more elusive Animals. My son and I briefly met Sir David Attenborough at Maidstone museum - the Best Conservationist that we have! - an event which helped to re-enforce my belief that I am on the right track and using my Art for the right purpose.

The world is an amazing place along with all it's inhabitants, it is down to each and every one of us to protect and nurture our planet for posterity and it's survival. Please do what you can to get to know the Earth and enjoy it's natural beauty. From every Wildlife painting sold I will donate a percentage to one of my selected conservation projects.

Many thanks for taking the time to read and view my work.

Tracy-Ann Martin